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Epidemiological study of smoking behavior in China in 1996

 Smoking is dangerous to the health of population, which is a undisputable issue. In order to effective control smoking and decreased the harmful effects caused by smoking, an epidemiological study of smoking behavior in China was conducted, under the guidance of Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine. This study covered 30 provinces and it provided information of distribution, changing trend and risk factors of smoking behavior.

There were in total 13065u7 subjects surveyed, with 94.85 finishing the survey. 122700 questionnaires was kept for data analyzing. This survey had 65000 males, 57000 females, 42000 rural people and 80000 rural people, which were representative in each category.

This survey gave the behavioral model of smoking at that time, which compared with that in 1984 was different. This means a lot for smoking control in China.



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