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    AIDS, is a zoonotic disease caused by "HIV" virus infection. HIV is a virus which attack human immune system. It takes the most important human immune system T4 lymphoid tissue as a target, a large number of damaged T4 lymphoid tissue is highly lethal. The virus exists in the territory of life-long infection, destructs of the human immune balance, makes human body become the carrier of various diseases. HIV itself does not cause any disease, when the immune system is damaged by HIV, the human body causes various diseases combined infection and death, due to low resistance, the loss of replication of immune cells, and other infections. Incubation period of HIV in the body is an average of 8 years to 9 years. Before they developed into AIDS patients, infected person look normal, they can have no symptoms for many years to live and work. At the same time, AIDS case fatality rate of almost one hundred percent, has been included in Group B notifiable infectious disease, and was listed as one of the frontier health monitoring of infectious diseases.
      For the implementation of "public health emergency of infectious disease epidemic information reporting and monitoring management approach" and "the Ministry of health on the distribution scheme of legal infectious diseases and public health emergencies information (for Trial Implementation)", to improve the quality and timeliness of the AIDS epidemic report, in 2005 March, the Ministry of health set up the information system of direct reporting AIDS Network in the "China Information System for Disease Control and Prevention", realized  national AIDS direct network report.
      The database has collected HIV infected persons and AIDS patients report data since direct reporting information report in 2005 , including HIV infected area, AIDS patients in the group of age and gender and the route of transmission.




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