First, the user registration

1,An online reporting
Your way through a network of online application, fill in the necessary information, including your e-mail address, name, organization, address, phone, etc., can be registered as a member of the Shared Services users. Registered users to the Internet and data use agreements we have signed, is the use of data to end users. In order for us to answer your question, may collect statistical information on the benefits of your use case, I hope you can fill in true information. Our users' personal information strictly confidential.
2, account password to login
In the Public Health Sciences Data Center home page, not logged users can browse relevant information, download the relevant information. If you need more data, you can log in Public Health Science Data Center, browse or download all permissions registered users corresponding data.
NOTE: This site is vested in the ownership and operation of the Chinese Center for Disease Control all. Users must agree to the Terms of Service and complete the registration process to become a user of this website.

Second, data download

1,A registered user login
Registered users Public Health Sciences Data Center home page or login page, enter the user ID and password, you can achieve logged.
2, the query data resources
Log in public health sciences data center, the user can navigate through the data in the home, Site Search, metadata retrieval and query Advanced Search four functions at the data you need. Users can query the data resource for browsing and downloading. Such as query the data does not meet the user's requirements, the user can request the submission of data to the data center, the Senate were "part of the application data."
3, download data resources
To query the data within the data download user permissions or export the data with the user's permission-related, according to the user's permissions for data export / download, or after the application for data export / download.
4 Feedback
Description: This site provides two services both online and offline data mode, registered users can enjoy online data query, browsing and data download services.

Third, the data application

1,An online reporting
Registered users through the "Application Data" button to apply the data operations, data must be read carefully before applying the data center for public health science data, consent to enter data in the application form page, on this page you need to supplement and improve the use of information and data user information . While preparing to apply for the necessary paperwork.
2, Public Health Sciences Center received data
Data center receives data application needs based on the data timely contact with the user, a clear user needs.
3, signed letters of responsibility shared by
Data centers and data confirm the data needs of the applicant, the applicant is required to sign data using data sharing responsibility.
4, data providers and feedback
Data center according to the data in the application form for the content of user authorization data and data processing, from online download and offline copies mailed to the user mode, the user can contact the mailbox through the center of the data provided by the data center services evaluation and feedback.
Description: seeking more and more detailed public health scientific data, you can make a request by signing letters of responsibility for use of data sharing. In other offline mode (disc copy, copying, etc.) to obtain the corresponding data resources.

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