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    Infectious Diseases are caused by a variety of pathogens, can spread in human and animals or between people and animals. Most of the pathogen are microbes, for a small number of parasites, which are also called parasitic diseases. In our history, infectious diseases havealways been the main killer to people's health, during the 60 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, great changes have taken place in infectious disease monitoring in our country.

    1. Development of infectious disease monitoring system
    Infectious diseases reporting system was built in the 50 s, in 1959 China officially established the national reporting system of infectious diseases. Fifteendiseases were required mandatory reporting at that time. in the 60 s relatively perfect infectious disease reporting system had begun to form, outbreaks of infectious diseases were reported by various medical institutions at all levels to the district sanitary and anti-epidemic agencies, then were summarized and reported to the ministry of health step by step. In the late 70 s, a lot of single disease monitoring system were established,  given priority to infectious diseases, generally including laboratory monitoring. 70 integrated disease monitoring points had been built in 13 provinces in the early 80 s,  and expanded to 145  monitoring stations in 1995, covering one percent of the population, to collect all the incidence data of notifiable infectious disease. Which is mainly composed of infectious diseases in 1990 began to perform four CARDS, four copies of registration report system, gradually formed four monitoring systems: a population-based monitoring system, a hospital-based monitoring, a laboratory-based  monitoring system and national legal report of infectious disease monitoring system. On January 1, 2004, the notifiable infectious disease management system was established, which connected health administration, disease control institution and medical and health institution among 5 grades: township, county (district), city, province and the nation

    2. Change of notifiable infectious disease category
    The infectious disease reporting system was set up in 1950 in our country, the disease category asked to report was a total of 15 at that time; In 60 ~ 70 s of the 20th century, the categories  continued to increase, with promulgation and implementation of the People's Republic of China infectious disease prevention and cure statue in 1989, infectious disease report formally incorporated into the legal system management, reported disease category adjusted to a total of 24; Before the direct network report of national infectious disease, the category of Class A and B infectious diseases reported wasa total of 27; In August 2004, People's Republic of China infectious disease prevention and cure statue revised, and issued  on December 1 in the same year, to 2005 a total of 27 Class A and B infectious diseases, and 10 Class C were asked to  reported; In 2008, hand-foot and mouth disease incorporated into the Class C infectious diseases, influenza A (H1N1) incorporate into the  Class B infectious diseases, legal report management monitoring infectious diseases in our country so far were a total of 39 categories, in which  Class A 2, Class B 26, Class C 11.

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