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Influenza A (H1N1)

    Influenza a (H1N1) for acute respiratory infectious diseases, the pathogen is a new type of influenza a (H1N1) virus, spreads among the crowd. Early known as swine flu. People are generally susceptible to influenza a (H1N1) virus and can be infected by human-to-human, the early symptoms after  infection by influenza a are similar to regular flu. Influenza a (H1N1) mainly spreads by infectedpeople coughing and sneezing, is more likely to happen in a crowded environment, infected person may infect others before onset, symptoms turn out generally in a week, or more than a week after infection.
    In 2009, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on the basis of national disease prevention and control information network platform, had realized the a (H1N1) flu cases information direct networkreport, including the course of  visiting  a doctor, past medical history, antiviral drugs and treatment , exposure for 7 days before the onset , close contacts of cases and patient outcome data,.
    This database collected the a/H1N1 flu cases information, time, area, condition and other dimensions of the data analysis results, etc.

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